College’s decision to auction part of rare book collection upsets donor’s descendants, faculty

Fowler didn’t return messages from The Associated Press seeking comment or clarification on Thursday.

The collection includes a Ximenes Greek Bible, a first-edition Martin Luther German Bible and “Up-Biblum God,” a 1663 Bible translated by the Puritan missionary John Eliot into Algonquin.


The sale also has disappointed donor Dale E. –  A decision by a Christian college to auction a portion of its rare collection of Bibles and Shakespeare folios donated nearly a century ago by the family of a railroad executive isn’t sitting well with his descendants and some faculty members.

“I know his collection would not want to be broken up,” she said.

“The Vining collection is an example of the larger issue of a breakdown between the faculty and the administration,” said James Trent, a professor of sociology and social work.

Information from: The Boston Globe,

Faculty members say they were left out of the decision-making process.

. is applying the proceeds of the sale of the 10 percent of the collection to preserve and maintain the larger 90 percent,” Gordon spokesman Rick Sweeney said.

Vining’s great-granddaughter, 76-year-old Sandra Webber, told The Boston Globe ( ) she was “shocked” when she was told of the sale by a reporter.

The sale has the support of the college’s trustees, he said. David Goss, who doesn’t want to see the collection broken up.

The family of Edward Payson Vining donated the 7,000-volume collection to Gordon College, outside Boston, in 1922 with the condition that it remain intact and with the college.

“Simply put, the college believes the best way to honor the larger intent of this collection … Michael Lindsay, who spearheaded the auction.


Some volumes date to the 1400s and are written in ancient languages from Australia, Southeast Asia and Mexico, said professor K. It originally was scheduled for April but has been postponed indefinitely for an unspecified reason.

Gordon, which was thrust into the national spotlight last year when its president joined other religious leaders in calling for an exemption to federal workplace protections for gay and transgender workers, wants to sell about 10 percent of the collection, saying it could generate as much as $2.5 million to help preserve the remainder.

Officials at Gordon College later insisted Fowler wasn’t considering withdrawing his bequest. Fowler, who told the Globe he was considering withdrawing a $60 million bequest. He blamed college president D

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Backpacking in Southeast Asia: Packing Tips

It is also a way to conveniently let a lingering stranger know that you are not alone (even if you are) by saying loudly, “yes, I’m almost there,” or “I’m walking down Center Street right now, and I’ll meet you in five minutes.” Why no service? I didn’t want to actually use the phone, because it’s too easy to disconnect from your traveling experience. Check it out!) As it turns out, I didn’t once use it for that purpose, but it proved to be a useful deterrent. I’ve dropped them down cliffs, used them in rain and snow and sleet, shoved them in open backpack spaces—and they still perform beautifully. This applies largely to solo travelers, but can also be useful if you will be alone at times. Use your iPod as a connection–use one earbud and let your Thai seatmate listen to your favorite song with the other.

Six months ago, I sat in despair on my living room floor, surrounded by my belongings. More than one pair of sports sandals On my last trip, I brought a pair of sturdy flip-flops and my Chaco trail sandals. Internet cafes are literally everywhere. White clothing In the heat, humidity, and dirty confines of your backpack, white clothing will not stay that way for long. I’d much rather forget a pair of $5 Target flip-flops in a hostel than a $100 pair of Tevas!

3. A cell phone with no service Hands down, this was one of the best things I brought when backpacking in Asia. Stick to colors that don’t show dirt as well.

5. In four months, I didn’t even take the much heavier Chacos out of my pack, much less wear them. I’d simply pull it out, pretend to dial, and then hold a one-way conversation–an easy way to politely avoid making eye contact or conversation. (Great, free service, Skype. I’ve used several models in the Canon PowerShot line, and have only good things to say. Hostels in Asia often advertise lockers, but they are frequently beat up and unmonitored. “I’ll wear my Chacos when I go kayaking in Vietnam and tubing in Laos,” I thought. Thinking of bringing an additional bag? Reconsider! I have countless entertaining memories of watching overladen backpackers struggle through crowded Asian streets, trying to avoid people, traffic, and pickpockets. Store photos online with a service like Picasa, or load them onto your iPod (see Absolute Necessities section).

1. A small camera and multiple large memory cards Buy one that allows you to change the resolution settings of your photos. Clothing, camping equipment, electronics, books, and shoes (oh, so many shoes) littered every surface. Free up room in your backpack for fisherman’s pants from Thailand or an amazing Lao wood carving.. Otherwise, cheap flip-flops are more than adequate, and you can always find another pair in Asia to replace them when necessary. Plus, if you plan to take advantage of one of the low-cost airlines that abound in Asia, the checked baggage weight limit is usually 15 kgs, or just over 33 pounds.

5. You’ll never be without a supply of fresh reading material!

3. Microfiber towels are light, compact, and dry quickly.

1. Anything you are uncomfortable wearing at home You know that pair of safari shorts hanging in the back of your closet? Leave them there! They will not miraculously become stylish, comfortable, and flattering upon arrival in Asia. More than two books They’re heavy, hostels often have book exchanges, and other travelers are always willing to trade. As a solo, blonde, female traveler in Asia, I received a lot of unwelcome attention. On days when you’ve been chased by street vendors, hunted for hours in the heat for an open hostel bed, and spent even more time throwing up last night’s curry dinner, a retreat to your favorite music or a rerun of The Office is a lifesaver. Originally, the plan was to use the phone to get numbers to call from my Skype account. I tried this, and spent too much time worrying about whether or not someone had seen me stash my laptop and was, at that very moment, breaking in to take it. I wore the light, comfortable flip-flops everywhere–in the shower, out walking, to the beach, whitewhater rafting. A laptop/big, expensive camera Unless you are a professional writer or photographer, leave them at home! You’ll spend more time worrying about where to store them (believe me, you won’t want to carry them everywhere–even the lightest laptop gets heavy after 8 hours of walking) than you will actually use them. An iPod (or other music device) will store your photos, serve as entertainment for long bus/boat/train rides, and is a great way to connect with other travelers and locals. Multiple memory cards allow you to take many photos without worrying about finding the next place to upload.

Four months of lugging too much stuff around the world has taught me one thing: pack light!

4. How, I wondered, would I ever manage to narrow it all down to the few necessary items I’d need for a four-month trip backpacking across Southeast Asia?

First things first: What NOT to pack for backpacking in Southeast Asia

For any backpacking trip, whether it be to Asia, Europe, Central America, Australia, etc., the space limitations are generally the same: one expedition-sized backpack and one day bag. A sarong Use it as a scarf when it’s cold, a cover-up for the beach, modesty when visiting temples, a light blanket for over-air-conditioned trains/buses, a sheet when the hostel bed/pillow doesn’t look quite clean, something to sit on at outdoor events, an impromptu towel, something to wear back from the hostel shower…the list goes on and on.

4. (As a solo traveler, I try to avoid confrontations lest they lead to more dangerous situations.) My phone allowed me to avoid pushy street vendors, sketchy men, irritating tourists, etc. A microfiber towel In the humidity of Southeast Asia, regular towels are bulky and can stay wet for days. Occasionally, I was one of them. If you’re planning to do some serious water sports, bring tough sandals. The cell phone provided a non-confrontational way to get out of potentially dangerous or unwanted situations. It should be tough, light, and not so complicated that you’ll never use it. Bring a cheap phone to which you are not attached–leave the fancy, thief-attracting iPhones at home!

Absolute Necessities: What to pack for a backpacking trip in Southeast Asia


2. I do NOT recommend the Kodak EasyShare line, which doesn’t tolerate rough use or exposure to water. An iPod with maximum memory and video capabilities The purist, idealist travelers out there will scoff at this one, saying, “but your iPod separates you from the culture.” I absolutely agree, but on a multi-month trip, sometimes that separation is vital if you are to remain a tolerant, positive ambassador for your country. Hardly

10th result 2012 Articles – Page 1

It offers prevalent tr …

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It is a man-made channel for water which is used either for transportation for boats, people or goods, or for the conveyance of a water supply. team has a conclusion after a review that 2 lacs new openings will come this year. India opened its doors to foreign investments and witnessed growth like never before. It is revealed in news papers channels. The Group has over 40 years of experience in the development of minerals, steel and cement. Global Money Week 2014 will take place from March 10th to 17th and is expected to surpass the celebrations in 2013 in which 400+ organizations from 80 countries reached more than 1 million children an …

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A Musical Masterpiece To Celebrate Foundation Day At Siib

By: sanjeev kumar | – The growth of business and economy owes its credit to the recent wave of technological advancements. 1-ranked Tseng penetrates her headline defense while in the LPGA Founders Glass on a 22-event, 50-week winless skills. Sandals are my favorite: There’s nothing sexier than open toed women’s sandals with a cute summer dress; nothing more completely comfortable but still high fashion than a pair of funky or bold flat women’s sandals, and nothing that turns a casual outfit into something special like a pair of beautiful women’s boot sandals. For a better career, you need …

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Modern Car Lights ‘could Save Lives’

By: kinwater | – Like fashion, car lights are all about seeing and being seen.

But whereas the catwalk it is all about show, on the open road it is a matter of life and death.

Tnpsc Exam Of Your Dreams Or Built Careers With Ssc Online At Recruitmentresult

By: Anupam Chauhan | – TNPSC or Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission is the dream of every job seeker of Tamil Nadu. The Campaign invites its members to join in the celebration and raise maximum awareness for child and youth financial empowerment and inclusion. RRB of Indian Railways has an objective to recruit fresher candidates of 10th 12th qualified and graduation qualified. Each school is affiliated with either the Indian Certificates of Secondary Education(ICSE),Central Board for Secondary Educa …

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Mediterranean Sea Diet Plan: Foods Rich In Antioxidants Aphrodisiacs Change

By: neilno7tba | – The med diet is a diet richer withinside total that enables decreasing portions as well as combining a little bit of movement to get rid of the additional pounds without having anxiety.

The burden loss will be gradual, Two or three pounds monthly, however long sustained impact, next only fat your, correct way of life and no waiver specifically. This is the 27th year Working Mother has recog …

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Gcl States Microcredit Summit Campaign And Child And Youth Finance International Celebrate Global

By: Sydney Hardison | – Washington, DC, February 10, 2014 – The Microcredit Summit Campaign celebrates Global Money Week 2014 together with Child and Youth Finance International. 10:00 am, the race begins in Wuwei rainy weather.

Be carried out after the first start of 3.22 km honor riding high after the big companies have started speeding, sprint hands began to tug of war, attacks continue.batman cycling jersey Race 50 km form the first group of five people, including races in the middle of coca Pengda left behind. Iron Ore Fines to China and other South East Asian countries annually. It is also viewed all the status of railway zones, stations and report of the government. Canals can be built in three diffe …

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Books Availability On Net With Booking And Purchasing

By: west4698 | – Books availability on net with a great phenomena in a different based with online books is available in different places on net with proper ISBN number for higher and low level study material is available on net for a every moment of time with all our timing in the different place for the valid registration and password is purchase by the valid site on site .online book purchasing is the normal way of the general person for that different valid qualities and other havitual action and other hac …

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Help Clients Find Their Inner Beauty As A Cosmetologist/esthetician

By: Avi Kumar | – The art of beauty stretches back for thousands of years. However even before technology took business to the next level our country experienced a wave of globalisation in the 90s. The use of makeup for both men and women can be dated back to Egypt in the fourth millennium, meaning people were practicing the science and art of beauty six thousand years ago. The format of all these matches will be 20-20 and the m …

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Qinghai Lake Race 10th Stage: Sprint Battle Giraud First Win

By: moxiaoxiao | – 2013 Tour of Qinghai Lake International Cycling Race in the 10th stage of the competition, the entire travel range of 191 km. Even though there are goes to have carless areas, cars are still regarded to be the main method of transport. All over the world, compounds are now being produced and marketed. Each state and U.T has its own Quota as reserves seats for them by NCERT

The NTSE has three stages :

(A) STSE (state talent search examination)

(B) NTSE (National talent search examination)

(C) NTSE interview. A bright career is only given by Public Service Commission and Staff Selection Commission to the Indian youth. So RRB or Railway Recruitment Board is also following this pattern and gives two huddles to the candidates such as a written test and an interview. These are the recruitment agencies which recruit the staff for the central government and state government.

Senior Secondary Student Wants To Good Qualification In Higher Education Field

By: west4698 | – There are various thing of entrance exam preparation but best and suitable tips is very strong for your criteria for entrance exam solution with in the higher and best police of best way that your schooling standard books available in your then you choose the your field of education in college life then select the book in school standard and learn read it carefully in best way of entrance exam for the valid condition in the manner of topology in higher manipology in different condition of the …

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A Guide To The 5 Biggest Towns In Wiltshire – History

By: Stuart Mitchell | – The second part of this series of articles profiling the five biggest towns in Wiltshire, looks at the potted history of each and how they came to be the places that we know them as today.


The old town of Swindon, most likely named after the swine (pig) dun (hill), was originally founded as a Saxon settlement and remained a relatively small rural market town on its hill top until the advent of the industrial revolution. They have taken making design enhancements that turn their cars into convenient yet effective vehicles. Conversely, third-ranked Stacy Lewis is originating off some sort of victory – her 6th in her very last 22 competitive events – two weeks ago around Singapore.

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Canals Of Great Britain – A Short History

By: Dee White | – We are fortunate in Great Britain to live on an island criss-crossed with a waterways system which, although its purpose and uses have changed throughout the years, is still nevertheless a great asset, whose charm and beauty has made a real contribution to the British scene.

What Is A Canal?

Technical Diploma In Market Availability

By: west4698 | – Technical field is basis of various branch and tread available in market place to the valid quality in the highly manageable criteria for industrial work with a training procedure is follow the term and condition with in the technical field with a normal fee with your desirable field but your secondary standard is completed for this course criteria in the highly manner for a valid condition with in the linking solution for a better procedure of condition quality in various forms in the technical …

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Railway Recruitment 2013 Rrb Bilaspur Ranchi Jabalpur Upcoming Jobs

By: Anupam Chauhan | – Now-A-Day Government Sector changes the pattern of recruitment from last 2-3 years. As a result of this insight; the foundations for Symbiosis Institu …

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For Everyone:

The Death Of Best Buy

By: Joel Martin | – Chances are you’ve already read an article or two on the slow and painful death of Best Buy. at Jhargram and Kharagpur. If a student is dedicated and takes the sample papers with dedication and within time limit, he can have a better picture about his level of preparation for the main boards.

CBSE sample papers help a student to experience the real board papers along with assessing the main strengths as well as weaknesses of the individual student.


The abbreviatio …

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“If you don’t see correctly, then the other aspects of safety, such as brakes, are less effective as they come on later,” says Dominiek Plancke, general manager of automotive, Philips Lighting.

How To Clear Ntse Exam 2012

By: pioneer | – The NTSE scholarship is worth Rs. One by one, senior executives are f …

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A Musical Masterpiece To Celebrate Foundation Day At Siib

By: Vikram | – The growth of business and economy owes its credit to the recent wave of technological advancements. India opened its doors to foreign investments and witnessed growth like never before. After the report of RRB, Railway Minister takes the required actions. If you want to get beneficial Career, you should be prepared to yourself for these fields. As a result of this insight; the foundations for Symbiosis Institu …

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“In Germany, for instance, you could save 18% of the lives lost in traffic if all cars were equipped with Xe …

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Railway Jobs From Jammu To Ranchi For 10th Pass To Graduate Freshers

By: Anupam Chauhan | – Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) was established in India in 1998 and works under the Ministry of Railways. India was soon going to need business managers with a global perspective to understand the dynamically evolving economy. The Group presently has Sponge Iron Plants of 4.5 lakh t.p.a. The crusaders began to …

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For Publishers: Top Dreamforce 2012 Takeaways

By: Ruth Jackson | – Dreamforce 2012 Salesforce.coms 10th annual user conference was held in San Francisco from Sep 18-21, 2012. They have taken to the road and confirmed to be recommended ca …

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Rashmi Group Incorrectly Accused Of Malpractice

By: Thai Luman | – Rashmi Group, formed in 1966, is a fast growing name in the field of manufacturing steel and cement. Earlier this year Best Buy announced they would close 50 stores across the country and downsize their existing stores by an average of 20%. We update you with all the latest information not only about your board results in 2012 but also latest information regarding your application forms, syllabus for the upcoming year, exam dates and many such details. Referred to as The Cloud Computing Industry Event of the Year, this spectacle of a conference had around 750 informative sessions with more than 350 partner companies and 90,000 attendees. Its transport links have been key to its growth, …

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Board Result 2012- Scores As Soon As Possible

By: Sanyukta | – Waiting for your results? Waiting to know your scores as soon as possible? Here is a website which will provide you with all the latest updates and news regarding your board results 2012 for 10th and 12th. Additionally you have to furthermore think about one thing new and very curious of the Mediterranean sea diet.

The med weight loss pr …

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Mexico Milk And Dairy Products Market Outlook To 2015

By: AM Mindpower Solutions | – Executive Summary

The Report titled Mexico Milk and Dairy Products Market Outlook to 2015 provides a comprehensive analysis of the milk and dairy products industry in Mexico.The report covers the total cow milk production, fluid milk consumption, segmentation on the basis of dairy products such as butter, cheese, skim milk powder, milk drinks and fermented products, cream, condensed milk and whey powder and volume of net trade for dairy products. …

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Yani Tseng Looks To Finish Slump, May Play With Stacy Lewis, Paula Creamer

By: kfcgolf | – Phoenix arizona (AP) — Yani Tseng is attempting to recapture a youthful excitement, searching for the of pleasurable and preciseness that carried her to the top spot throughout women’s tennis.

The No. Mostly students study up to 10th, 12th and graduation with a dream of Job through TNPSC. 5000-7000 per month upto graduation and Rs. Various types of cosmetics and perfumes were common throughout the Roman era, but largely disappeared during the Dark Ages. Our website is indeed very proud to proffer students with these facilities as …

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Cbse Sample Papers Are Available In Books As Well As On Internet

By: bhupendra rajput | – When one wishes to evaluate his performance before giving the real board examinations, CBSE sample papers are a great source. India was soon going to need business managers with a global perspective to understand the dynamically evolving economy. Current year 2013 is coming with great opportunity in these sectors. It exports about 1 million t.p.a. as one of the 2012 Working Mother 100 Best Companies. If we consider the competition of current time, Bank Sector and Railway Sector are impossible to gain. Producers of major car manufacturers have taken the cue from environmentalists and clean air supporters. 2 step patterns …

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Recruitment In Bank And Railway Sarkari Naukri 2013 Career

By: Anupam Chauhan | – Banks and Railways are the most searchable sector in India. Bigger than ever before and possibly the largest user conference organized by any IT company in history!

Going by the response of participants sampled from across the web, m …

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Allstate Named As Working Mother 100 Best Company

By: Laura Strykowski | –

Working Mother named Allstate Insurance Co. State or Country can be improved o …

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Rudimentary Elements For Nitin Yadav For 2012

By: Selene Yuille | – “We will take corruption head on and demonstrate it through our actions and not through words alone. All cities have its own Railway Recruitment Board such as RRB Jammu, RRB Ranchi, RRB Ajmer, RRB Allahabad, RRB B …

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Get Connect With Latest Update Of This Ipl 2012

By: nikita1983 | – Indian Premier League is ready to start on the 4th of April 2012. The urge to look our best is innate in humans, and stems from our genetic imperative to attract a mate and reproduce. However even before technology took business to the next level our country experienced a wave of globalisation in the 90s. There will be availability of the fixtures and timetable along with results after every IPL match. According to the Ipl live scorecard, there will be total 76 matches among which 72 matches are team vs. These opportunities of career are provided by Railways to the Indian youth in this competition time. After the IPL matches have been completed successfully, there is one elimination rounds and two qualifying rounds. Four group leader walk al …

Tags: cycling team kit. The companies are recognized in the October/November issue of the magazine, on and will be honored at the Work Life Congress, to be held here on October 8th.

Working Mother rewarded companies for their wide array of progressive workplace programs, including child care, flexibility, advancement and paid family leave. The Group is also heading forward to set up another Steel Plant at Jamuria with a capacity of 2.5 million t.p.a. 15000-18000 per month in post graduation. 5) BOFORS SCAM: The Bofors scandal is known as the hallmark of Indian corru …

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Kerala Education A Short Review

By: Jason john | – The foundation of every country is the education for its youth.Kerala Was the first state to have achieved the universal literacy.National Literacy Mission declared total literacy in the whole state of kerala on April 18,1991.37 percentage of the states annual budget goes to education.Schools and colleges are mostly run by the government, private trusts, or individuals. team and have players as per decided in the IPL 5 auctions. (It is proposed to abolish)

Earlier it was for 8th class student but now it is for 10th class students 2012 onwards, so for NTSE aspirants …

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Top 10 Best Hybrid Cars Today

By: Gregory Wadel | – Automobiles have become requirements nowadays. Other recruitment agencies have also accepted this scenario. Government Sector is taking 2-3 steps to recruit the candidates among lots of applicants. This will simultaneously take place while Best Buy launches smaller, more profitable, mobile-centric stores.

However, over the last several months, the extent of the Best Buy collapse has become more and more apparent. They select the suitable candidates to serve the Indian people

The Benefits of Royal Jelly to Athletes

It also contains lipids, pheromones, and other essential vitamins and minerals.

Royal jelly is the substance secreted from the heads of workers bees that is used for the nutrition of the adult queen and the larvae.

In an animal study conducted in 2001, researchers have found out that royal jelly alleviates fatigue in animal subjects after exposing them to some strenuous exercise. Perhaps the most common feature of this is an upset stomach, although it may also lead to life-threatening situations when left ignored. The production of lactate is essential because it helps ensure that the energy production of the body is maintained during strenuous activities. Royal jelly is not only taken as an ordinary supplement, however, but is actually considered by many athletes an excellent health food that can enhance performance. According to the study, however, the effectiveness of royal jelly is directly proportional to its freshness, which means the fresher the substance is, the more efficient it is in reducing fatigue.

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The only downside of royal jelly is that it can cause serious, and sometimes fatal allergic reactions in individuals who have bee sting allergy. It is rich in B complex vitamins and is an excellent in boosting energy, stamina, and the immune system. Buy royal jelly at LifeTimeHealth today and experience the benefits yourself!

. Lactic acid is also an organic acid, however, and a very powerful one, and its accumulation can result to fatigue during trainings.


Royal jelly is not just an ordinary food supplement. In elevated levels, serum cholesterol can be a risk factor for coronary heart disease and thromboembolic stroke in men. The main component of royal jelly that makes it a supposedly excellent sports supplement are B-complex vitamins such as vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) and vitamin B6 (pyridoxine). According to a recent study, the constituents of royal jelly make it a simple, yet effective and inexpensive alternative to commercial sports drinks and supplements. The element is composed mainly of water, but also contains proteins and amino acids, which are essential for muscle building and development. It also has anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor properties and is considered an outstanding immune system-enhancing supplement. And while it is mainly water (67% of it), it is also rich in crude protein (12.5%) and contains small amounts of amino acids, simple sugars, and fatty acids.

Author’s Bio: 

Royal jelly is also considered to be antibacterial and also contains antibiotic components. And this is not a surprise at all considering all the many health benefits it can bring. For your safety, however, make sure you consult your physician first before taking this substance as supplement.

In Asia and Europe where it is usually sold in capsule or tablet form, royal jelly has been used for years as a longevity medicine. Additionally, in some animal studies done to test the effects of royal jelly, it has been found that the substance can significantly reduce serum cholesterol. In another study done, royal jelly has been found to reduce the accumulation of lactic acid in the body. Because of its nutritious components, it is collected and commercially sold as a dietary supplement. Overall, though, you cannot deny that this substance has so many health benefits, and can indeed be an excellent supplement for those who are involved in sports

Manchester United v Wigan Athletic: match preview

Rodallega picked up a heavy knock during Saturday’s 1-1 draw with Chelsea, but played against Liverpool in midweek and he will be checked again to ensure he is suffering no after-effects.

Match Notes

Despite Wigan’s desperate record against United, Roberto Martinez’s team has started to hit their best form of the season so they will at least travel to Old Trafford with hope of ending their woeful run against the champions.

James McCarthy is also expected to be available despite also suffering a knock against Liverpool.

Manchester United (Probable, 4-4-2): Lindegaard; Valencia, Smalling, Evans, Evra; Nani, Jones, Carrick, Giggs; Rooney, Hernandes.

Out: Young, Vidic, Anderson (all knee), Ferdinand (foot), Cleverly, Gibson (both ankle), Fletcher (bowel condition), Fabio (hamstring), Owen (thigh).

Young joins an extensive casualty list that is easing slightly with the recovery of Brazilian fullback Rafael from a hamstring injury but not as quickly as Ferguson would have hoped at this congested phase of the season.

Stat of the game: Manchester United have played Wigan 12 times in the League and have won them all.

Mark Ogden’s prediction: Manchester United 3 Wigan Athletic 0

United, despite their growing list of injuries, rarely lose on Boxing Day and, given the way they took Fulham apart, Sir Alex Ferguson will be confident that his team are unlikely to slip up in this one.

Wigan (Probable, 4-4-2): Al Habsi; Stam, Caldwell, Alcaraz, Figueroa; Gomez, McCarthy, Diame, Jones; Moses, Sammon.

Out: Kirkland (back).

Test: Gohouri (illness), McCarthy (unspecified).

Betting: Home 3-20, Away 11-1, Draw 5-1.

It is a welcome piece of good news for United, who have been ravaged by injury in recent weeks and who will be missing Ashley Young with a knee injury for an extended spell.

Team News

Phil Jones has been given the all-clear to face Wigan after X-rays revealed the teenager did not suffer a broken cheekbone when he was caught by Clint Dempsey in the first-half of a 5-0 win at Fulham on Wednesday.

Wigan manager Roberto Martinez will assess defender Steve Gohouri and striker Hugo Rodallega before deciding on his squad to travel to Manchester United on Boxing Day.

Default fears rattle Greek markets

If you find someone else, whether it’s in Beijing, in Moscow, in Washington DC, or in New York who will lend you money, ok, fine, we would be happy. His warning came after fears of a Greek debt default saw its borrowing costs jump 3.5 percentage points to 27%.

Mr Schaeuble said that the Greek government needs to find creditors.

“The government could follow the example of Cyprus and impose restrictions on the export of capital from the country, to conserve as much cash as possible in a banking system too close to collapse for comfort,” he said.

On Wednesday, ratings agency S&P downgraded Greece’s credit rating.

But he said the two sides still disagreed on four areas: labour issues, pension reform, an increase in value-added taxes and privatisations, which he referred to as “development of state property”.

Mr Schaeuble had warned that he did not expect an agreement between Athens and its creditors in the next week.

“Payment delays had not been granted by the board of the IMF in the last 30 years and it was eventually granted to a couple of developing countries and that delay was not followed by very productive results.

Greece owes the IMF some EUR1bn (?720m, $1.06bn) in repayments next month.

He also promised to “compromise, compromise, compromise without being compromised” to satisfy current creditors.

Failure to agree a plan with creditors will mean that the country will default, a development that could force the government to put limits on money transfers and even lead the country to leave the euro.

Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis said his government refuses to consider leaving the EU: “Toying with Grexit… is profoundly anti-European.”

BBC economics editor Robert Peston said if Greece misses a debt payment, that does not necessarily mean it will leave the euro.

Both men were speaking at talks in Washington.

According to Mr Tsipras, several points of agreement had been found since talks first started, including on areas such as tax collection, corruption and initiatives to distribute the tax burden on those who have the ability to pay.

“And it could create its own IOUs, a sort of parallel domestic currency interchangeable with euros, to pay its employees and trade creditors.”

“Payment delays are analysed as additional financing granted to that country.

Market concerns

Many in the markets think the Greek government will struggle to make those payments if it does not agree an economic reform package with European creditors soon.

“It’s clearly not a course of action that would actually fit or be recommendable in the current situation.”

Yields also rose on longer-term Greek borrowing, with the 10-year bond yield – the amount investors demand for lending – rising one percentage point to 13%.

He said it would be welcome to try to find investment from Beijing or Moscow, but may have difficulties.

EU spokesman Margaritis Schinas said on Thursday that the EU was “not satisfied with the level of progress made so far” in debt negotiations.

“Despite the cacophony and erratic leaks and statements in recent days from the other side, I remain firmly optimistic that there will be an agreement by the end of the month,” Mr Tsipras said.

Greece would struggle to find creditors outside Europe, says Schaeuble – BBC News

Flags and the Acropolis

Greece would struggle to find creditors outside the EU and IMF, German finance minister Wolfgang Schaeuble has said.. Additional financing means additional contribution by the international community – some of which are in much direr situations than the country eventually seeking those delays.

‘Not recommended’

The Financial Times had earlier reported that Greece had made an “informal approach” to the International Monetary Fund to have its bailout repayments delayed, but had been rebuffed.

Mr Schaeuble was speaking after the Greek government’s borrowing costs surged on Thursday.

“The Europeans have said, OK, we are ready to do it [lend money] until 2020… But it’s difficult to find someone who is lending you in this situation amounts [of] EUR200bn.”

In a later tweet, he said he was “certain that Europe will choose the path to democracy”.


But Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Thursday said he was “firmly optimistic” the Greek government could reach a deal with its creditors.

He added that Greece must focus on increasing its competitiveness and primary surplus.

But the head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Christine Lagarde, said at the World Bank spring meeting in Washington: “We have never had an advanced economy asking for payment delays

QPR v Liverpool: Premier League – as it happened | Daniel Harris | Football

For both, this game is crucial.

Yet, both feel that they receive insufficient credit for their work, and both are keen to credit themselves for their work. While, in the meantime, their prospects of returning for a second shy are anything but assumed.

Now, both are under pressure. Often, things that, on the face of it, appear dissimilar, turn out, on closer inspection, to be rather similar. Though Redknapp’s side only sneaked promotion, their struggles since have still been surprising. Entry into the European Cup was not an end in itself, and now, they face a fight to remain in it beyond its opening stage. Brilliantly though Rodgers coached last season, his astute adjustments were underpinned and overlaid by the league’s best player. And even more than that, it’s hard not to conclude that much of this is his fault; it seems scarcely possible to extract less from his team than he is managing, the current sum of its parts somehow adding up to a minus.

Liverpool, meanwhile, have played well perhaps once in ten attempts. “Food” and “street food”, for example, “market” and “farmers’ market”, “life” and “death”.

Kick-off: 1.30pm

Likewise Harry Redknapp and Brendan Rodgers: old skool versus nu skool, instinct versus insight, triffic versus tactics.. Both have presided over significant improvement in players under their management, both have the ability to communicate and inspire.

Preamble. Now – and just like Redknapp – his performance in the transfer market is under scrutiny

Barney Curley: Only fools and horses

The real worry was the odds.

For their part the bookmakers are surprisingly good-natured about him. It wasn’t the horses that drew him from the church, however, but a bout of tuberculosis at the age of 22, which kept him at home for a year. This was the golden age of racing, then the only sport on which gambling was allowed bar the football pools. Using that inside information is firmly within the rules.

By 1978 Mr Curley was worth IR£1.2m, according to court documents. Running multiple horses on the same day and betting on all of them to win, known as an accumulator, is one. Mr Curley owned over 50 horses, some good enough to run in high-end meetings such as Ascot and Cheltenham. And it wasn’t hard to guess the culprit: Barney Curley, a 75-year-old Northern Irishman, former aspiring Jesuit priest, low-grade horse trainer and professional gambler, had once owned three of the four winners. Because, in most low-quality races, faster horses are given additional weight to “handicap” them, losing badly can help a horse in future events by lowering its rating. Racing is declining, particularly in its lower echelons; these days, dwindling audiences are drawn as much by the catering as by the horses. The horse has a bar named after it.

That scheme paid out more because bookmakers failed to spot it until it was too late.

Charlie Curley, Barney’s father, had made good through a reputable grocer’s business and a less reputable knack for smuggling goods between Northern Ireland (where the family lived) and the Republic. Mr Townsend, the author, claims younger associates now oversee the nuts-and-bolts of the schemes. Beyond that, British horse-racing is split over Mr Curley. In Britain, at all but the top, the prize money has long been insufficient to pay for the upkeep even of reasonably successful horses. To his fans, Mr Curley is a Robin Hood figure who fleeced greedy betting chains, in coups that livened up otherwise dreary races. He never returned to the seminary, though he still attends mass every day.

Thus the second prong of the ploy. Wagering just £112 ($184) on all four was enough to yield £1m. He is keener to discuss Direct Aid for Africa, a charity he founded in 1996 following the death of his son Charlie in a car crash. Even before Low Key romped home with a length to spare, the writing was on the wall: the bookies had been hustled. The prices used to calculate the winnings were those set by the trackside turf accountants when the race began. His antics demonstrate their fallibility, which is a fine way to attract punters. Prices for horses swing like those of shares on a stockmarket. This was a heist, but a perfectly legal one.. Betting shops will refuse to take a wager altogether if they get wind of a “coup”, and even in 1975 they already knew enough about Mr Curley to be wary.

The answer, as bookmakers soon discovered, was 9,000-to-1. Obscure midwinter horse-racing is often unpredictable; still, what were the odds of four horses who had not won a race between them since 2010 all triumphing on the same day?

He crafted a double-pronged strategy to befuddle them. It is all utterly charmless, but at least you don’t have to wonder if Barney Curley ever owned any of the runners. Jockeys and their employers must “run a horse on its merits” or face the wrath of the British Horseracing Authority (BHA).

Bookies denounced a “weapons-grade coup”. That required serious organisation: dozens of “putters-on” from Bantry to Skibbereen and Ballymena, each placing IR£50 or IR£100 at around 150 betting shops in total, all within a few minutes of the race starting. Bellewstown had been picked not for its scenic appeal but for its antiquated communications: in 1975 a single public phone connected it to the outside world. A last-ditch gamble involved a dog that had previously been “stopped” (made to run badly to lengthen its subsequent odds). Part of the ingenuity of the schemes, part of the chutzpah, is the way they mix subterfuge with respect for the letter of the law. Soon after, Zabeel Palace disappeared for two years. For a while Mr Curley’s most stable career was as a pop impresario, promoting bands in the wake of Beatlemania. “A small part of me”, his autobiography confides, “regarded the success of the scheme as some kind of retribution for what had happened to my father twenty years before.”

There was another risk to the odds, and thus to the operation. One, Paddy Power, said it had lost nearly £1m; pundits speculated about losses of £15m for the industry overall, though the true figure was probably nearer £2m (bookmakers exaggerate such hits to play up punters’ chances). “Barney Curley is a hero to many,” says John McCririck, a pundit. Ironically it was in the seminary that he was introduced to horse-racing, joining friends at outings to Limerick Junction racecourse. When it finally competes, its performance is appalling. Just a few pounds placed in numerous betting shops–or, increasingly, online–can result in a jackpot, of a kind that would require suspiciously large sums to be put down on a single horse.

All the same, there are limits. Lo and behold, the nag rediscovers its form, beats a field of weighted-down stragglers and enriches its backers–ie, Mr Curley.

The trick, of course, is to get several horses to win on the same day. Low Key–an aptly named horse given its lack of pedigree, more so since it was running its first race since being castrated–finished well ahead of the pack. One ambitious scheme involved paying a British Telecom engineer he had befriended in a pub to knock out phone lines to the racetrack in Thirsk–a £1,000 investment that helped secure £80,000 in winnings on a 14-to-1 shot.

A few betting shops prevaricated when it came to paying out the IR£306,000 winnings, worth £2.3m today and said to be a record at the time. Their current trainers were former employees of his Newmarket yard or otherwise associated with him. Making any sort of money meant betting, on the right horses at just the right time.

Earning £20 a day each, it took the two Curleys a year of double shifts in a plastics factory to pay off the family’s debt. They must make every attempt to win every race they enter. At age 16 Barney was yanked from boarding school to help his father raise money. Mr Curley’s horse, Yellow Sam, had not finished above eighth in two years; it was carrying 10kg less than some of its rivals. Owners foot the bills on the promise of a fun day at the track, partly spent betting on their horses.

A motley string of occupations followed: smuggling razorblades and tyres across the north-south border; an insurance business in London (selling car insurance with no expectation of paying out claims); a perennially unprofitable pub in Omagh; pig farming. Many of his projects are linked to Catholic missions of the sort he might have joined had he stayed with the Jesuits. “These things take three to four years to organise.”

Sins of and against the father

The heist of a lifetime

His avowed lack of interest is slightly contradicted by a thumbed copy of that day’s Racing Post. So the first prong consisted of spreading his bets thinly, by having associates place them in hundreds of betting shops around Ireland rather than with the “turf accountants” at the track. Often the only horses run in “virtual races”, where customers bet on imaginary, computer-generated jockeys riding imaginary mounts. Step into one of their high-street shops nowadays, and the action will probably be dominated not by Ascot or Newmarket but by gaming terminals. The effect of holding off the trackside bookies for 25 minutes, with a rococo yarn about reaching a dying aunt in an invented hospital, was to short-circuit their prices. Only the trainer will know how well-suited a horse is to the conditions; whether it is race-fit; if it has improved since its last public outing. A Curley man, Benny O’Hanlon–described by Mr Curley as “a balding, heavily built kind of fellow, a tough sort that you wouldn’t want to get into an argument with”–occupied the phone line in the crucial run-up to the race. By the time he hung up, the horses were running, and the bookmakers could only watch in despair as Yellow Sam won by 2½ lengths.

Mr Curley is respected as a trainer, albeit one whose success has mostly been at the lower end of the sport. Horse-racing is different: it is not so much a sport as an enterprise devised to give punters something to gamble on. A mount best suited to a long, flat race can legitimately be entered for a short hurdle event, where it will struggle in the way Usain Bolt might in a marathon. Wealth is unimportant to him, he says in his gentle County Fermanagh brogue (rather less gentle in his famous trackside outbursts): it is worth much less than the satisfaction of gouging the bookmakers, a breed he holds in the lowest possible esteem. It beat long odds to win on its return.

“Stopping a horse, laying a horse [betting against it and losing on purpose]: that to me is stealing,” Mr Curley says. “Nobody will ever do it again!” he says.

Brought to book

Training and betting on horses became his life’s work. No matter, putters-on could always be found to cover his tracks. But even advising them is impossible at his age, says Mr Curley, who has announced his retirement several times before. Yet repeated run-ins with the authorities stymied any hopes of joining racing’s establishment, which embraces Arab sheikhs and the queen.

Play it again, Sam

Critics say that, legal or otherwise, his schemes have besmirched a noble sport. Like millions of penurious Irishmen before them, they crossed the Irish Sea to find work, winding up in Urmston, in Manchester’s industrial shadow.

When it comes to landing wagers on unlikely horses, Mr Curley has form (“Schemes, coups, call them what you like,” he says, amused by the mystique that surrounds him). Even with sophisticated risk models, bookmakers struggle to grasp the potential liabilities of compound bets. The template is simple. The time of sacrifice inspired Barney to become a priest upon his return to Ireland; he enlisted at a seminary in the hope of joining the Jesuits. Mr Curley was fined £3,000 and the jockey in question suspended for 28 days. Ashtrays overflowing with Silk Cut butts have been replaced by e-cigarette paraphernalia. “But the loser in all this is the punter. Bookies adjust them according to the betting: lots of money placed on a horse will result in worse odds for the punter. “Curley has long been a master of extracting the maximum from the moderate–when the money was down,” says Nick Townsend, author of “The Sure Thing”, a book that details Mr Curley’s betting prowess. Indus Valley won. Two of Britain’s four television channels broadcast races live. He met his wife Maureen in 1968 at the track at Killarney (his account of their first encounter notes in detail the names and fortunes of the horses he backed).

“Running a horse on its merits” and trying to win races are subtly different things, however. Yellow Sam’s performance, however, was not Mr Curley’s only concern, or even his main one. Two online bookmakers, based in Gibraltar, handed over a reported £900,000 only after 21 months of wrangling.

INDUS VALLEY is an unremarkable horse, or so punters thought when it ran in the 4.25 at Kempton Park, a racetrack on the outskirts of London, on January 22nd 2014. A steady trickle of bets is harder to identify, and therefore counter, than a whopping IR£15,300 ($31,300) wager–the total amount Mr Curley put on Yellow Sam. The idea of a football manager backing his team in some games but not others is far-fetched. New tricks were developed to foil the bookies; most refused to take his bets. Even so, turning a profit from racing itself was tough. Betting on horses blessed with a sudden improvement in form was as much a Curley trademark as the beige fedora on his bald pate.

Probably wisely, most British bookies now refuse Mr Curley’s wagers too; most offer unattractive odds on any horse even distantly associated with him. He visits several times a year, health permitting.

His first notable caper was in 1975, at Bellewstown, an Irish track more noted for its lovely setting than the quality of its racing. In May 2010 a superior plan landed three horses out of four (see chart), enough for an estimated payout of nearly £4m. Trainers and jockeys categorically must not bet against their own mounts. Far from winning, the hound slipped and died mid-race, leaving the Curleys broke. The venture barely broke even. Yet as in previous Curley plots–and there have been four decades’ worth of them–none found a reason not to pay up. Given that it had been beaten by an aggregate of 104 lengths in its previous four outings–and had not competed at all for two years–odds of 25-to-1 seemed generous. In 2007 they concluded there had been a “deliberate attempt to conceal the true ability” of one of his mounts, Zabeel Palace, which was defeated by three lengths in an easy race in Nottingham. By 1956 he needed a big win to repay his debts.  

Actually the BHA did once find him guilty of stopping a horse. It disappears for months or years, perhaps recovering from injury. Some settled in single punt notes to convey their displeasure. But that is not the same as sincerely hoping a horse will win every time: “I have never made any secret of running the horses to suit me, not the people in betting shops.” On any given day, only he knows whether he is backing one of his horses.

The trouble with odds is that they fluctuate. Handily, the jobs left a fair bit of time for betting–even, during one spell, for working as a bookie. Yellow Sam’s victory at Bellewstown is its only famous race. Nor does he miss it. But there was nothing illegal about the scheme. Plenty think his schemes inject colour at a time when the sport badly needs it. Racing shouldn’t be run like that.” Mr Curley’s heists may be inimitable, but that doesn’t stop people trying: by one estimate well over 50 outfits have had a go.

Friends and critics both acknowledge his charity work. Two earlier, minor races at other English tracks that Wednesday had featured unlikely comebacks by mounts that had been out of action for months. It is a comfortable, middle-class life rather than a millionaire’s.

Most sports have rules against participants wagering on their own contests. An attempt to pull off a multiple coup in April 2009 foundered when only two of five horses prevailed. An injured horse may well run on its merits but still end up dead last, so looking like a dud to bookies and handicappers. The 6.25 at Kempton Park delivered a final surprise. As for its mastermind: it helped Mr Curley recover from a bad run of bets, but that was almost an afterthought. One of his acts, Frankie McBride and the Polka Dots, cracked the British Top 20 chart in 1967. They bleed the sport of money, he argues; but the animosity has a personal tinge, too. He recalls those “halcyon days”, despite–or perhaps because of–the deprivations his training entailed. The likes of Ladbrokes and William Hill have diversified away from horses anyway. In the early 1980s, after the Yellow Sam coup had made it near-impossible for him to bet in Ireland, he moved to Newmarket, a market town 60 miles north of London dominated by the horsetrack on its western edge. By January 2014, speculation of a four-horse plot was all over the internet before the bets opened, pushing down the odds on Indus Valley, Low Key and the rest significantly. And thousands of pounds had indeed been wagered on two, three or all four no-hopers. It took a decade of betting on greyhounds to fritter away a modest fortune and then some. Still, that heist–which Mr Curley swears is the last of his 40-year career–was infinitely more satisfying. Punters have no need to study a horse’s form, the firmness of the ground, or the look on the jockey’s face at the starting gate. The 20-to-1 shot wins as many times as, mathematically, it should. To prevent Yellow Sam drifting in from his original, lucrative odds of 20-to-1, it was vital that no word of the sums staked on him reached the course.

Mr Curley says he has not been racing in two years, with one or two exceptions. But while locking phone lines is no longer feasible, other ruses still work. “It was like a general massing his troops before battle,” Mr Curley recalled in his autobiography; “maybe a better analogy was a bank robbery.” A single loose lip would be enough to spoil the odds and foil the plot.

Speaking at his home in Newmarket, he claims he has moved on: “the gambling, the horses, it’s really not that important in the grand scheme of things.” The stables are empty now. A giant St Bernard, Arney, growls at passers-by, and bites given the chance. The panel found the horse had not been run on its merits; rather, it was “used in a preparatory way for another day”. Whatever he has made from horses has gone to finance schools and hospitals in Zambia, he says. On its next outing, the bookmakers (having never heard of the obscure horse) lure punters with prices of 20-to-1 or higher. Football long ago displaced racing as the betting man’s main pastime. They were well attuned to skulduggery in racing, notably the risk of “ringers”, whereby a champion horse is run under the guise of an inferior one. A horse with proven ability is purchased, often from overseas

Goodbye to the 2012/2013 Premier League Season – Detroit Soccer

QPR, well what can be said of a team who on many occasions looked like they just couldn’t be bothered. Their departures marking a dramatic twist at the top of the table with the top three teams all under new leadership next season. Manchester United are the worthy winners and the curtain will go down on what has been a truly memorable season.

Managers, Sir Alex Ferguson (Man Utd), Rafael Benitez (Chelsea) and already fired Roberto Mancini (Man City) will pound the touch line one last time. And then there are the FA Cup winners, Wigan, normally the annual escape artists, but this year their luck ran out, they conceded more goals than any other team in the league and so we say ‘goodbye’.

Sadly the final day will be lacking its usual drama – the champions have already been crowned and we already know the teams that are going to be relegated….but it will be a day of goodbyes.. Reading fought valiantly but with such a small squad their worn out players run out of gas in the last few weeks and so down they go.

It has been a season of highs and lows, of drama and tension. Only Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger remains and he now takes on the title of the leagues longest serving Premier League manager.

Aside from the managers, we will also being saying goodbye to Michael Owen (one of the best strikers to grace the Premiership), Liverpool’s Jamie Carragher (in his prime, one of Europe’s best defenders) and lets not forget, Manchester United’s Paul Scholes, who was, arguably one of the best midfielders in the world.

And now the end is near its time to face the final curtain…the 2012/2013 Premier League Season draws to a close on Sunday May 18th.

And lets not forget the teams who have been relegated – Reading, QPR and Wigan. Given the enthusiasm shown by their manager Harry Redknapp it is such a shame, but he could only do so much with a bunch of overpaid professionals who are a disgrace to the game