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bet365 Incorporates Digital Element’s IP Geolocation Technology into Global Gambling Platform

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Visit www.digitalelement.com

for more information on how to bring the power of location to the online

world. For more than a decade, many of the world’s largest

websites, brands, ad networks, social media platforms and mobile

publishers have trusted Digital Element’s technology to target

advertising, localise content, enhance analytics, and manage content

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About bet365

For more information, please visit www.bet365.com.

bet365 joins some of Digital Element’s other high-profile clients

including the BBC, Channel 5, AerTV, Microsoft, MediaMath, Media iQ,

DoubleClick, Flashtalking, Infectious Media, AOL’s ADTECH, Yahoo’s

BlueLithium, Vibrant Media.

Founded in 1999, Digital Element is the industry pioneer of IP

geolocation intelligence, and its NetAcuity technology has

revolutionised the IP geolocation space. The company employs more than 2,000

people, is live in 17 languages and delivers an unrivalled online

experience to over 14 million customers worldwide. Today

bet365 continues to push technological boundaries and break new ground

in software innovation.


“To ensure that our players get a customised experience, it’s imperative

bet365 uses accurate, reliable and up-to-date IP geolocation data,”

explained Martin Davies, CEO – Technology, bet365. By combining IP routing

infrastructure analysis with anonymous location insight gleaned from a

network of global commercial partners, the company’s NetAcuity® Solution

Suite provides the most detailed, hyperlocal dataset available worldwide

today that maintains user anonymity and complies with the highest

standards of end-user privacy.

With its global audience, bet365 serves 17 million customers in over 200

countries and operates in 17 different languages. “The multifaceted applications

of our data will allow enhancements to the player’s experience no matter

where they are based.”


Headquartered in Atlanta and London, Digital Element is a division of Digital

Envoy Inc.


Element, the leading provider of IP

geolocation technology, today announced that bet365,

one of the world’s leading online gambling companies, has implemented

its NetAcuity

Edge(TM) IP geolocation technology to localise website content and

improve the user experience.

Founded in 2000 in North Staffordshire, bet365 is the world’s largest

online sports betting company. Giving its

development teams the freedom to innovate is key to its success. The company’s patented

technology has been certified and accredited to deliver real-time access

to accurate and reliable location intelligence without invading internet

users’ privacy. “Digital Element’s NetAcuity

Edge(TM) technology provides us with the most accurate data available,

enabling us to operate with confidence that we are offering the best

experience possible as well as remaining compliant with any geographic


Since 1999, Digital Element has been providing global geolocation

solutions that bring anytime, anywhere relevance and context to online

initiatives – from desktops to mobile devices. Deploying IP

geolocation enables the company to simplify content localisation and

automatically serve content and advertising in the right language and

currency, improving relevance, response and revenues.

About Digital Element

“We are delighted to be working with bet365 to enhance the user

experience for their players,” commented Charlie Johnson, Digital

Element’s Vice President, UK and Ireland

William A. Pierce

William A. Pierce

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