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Chelsea: Pictures, Videos, Breaking News

Posted on October 8, 2015 in Uncategorized

And yet, somehow, Spurs were never really in it…

Theo Delaney

Co-founder of Watchable and Tottenham Hotspur devotee

Perhaps it’s sod’s law that three days after they’ve finally put together a good performance Spurs have to go to Chelsea who look more or less unbeatable. Best to stick to the Signature Park Avenue cocktail for a more civilised evening, unless you want to put on a show for your fellow revelers.

Ironically, the Premier League season is warming up very nicely as we enter the foggy, festive period of December.

This is largely the same side which has fallen short two seasons in a row now, and in the few years before then didn’t come close at all. The title race is beginning to take shape, it is difficult to predict where the European qualification positions will go and the relegation battle looks set to be the tightest one for a long time.

Mike Walsh

Reporter and Producer, Kent University alumni, Sports Journalist, QPR fan, Hip-Hop enthusiast.

Tottenham lost three nil at Chelsea but was it really that bad? They had 61 per cent of the possession and almost as many shots as Chelsea and they were definitely the better side for the first quarter of an hour. The harsh reality for Remy is that he is a victim of Jose Mourinho’s preferred 4-2-3-1 system.

Matt Gault

Writer for 90min.com, These Football Times, Back Page Football and Four Four Two.com

It seems to be that English sides are suffering from a lack of identity. They’re actually three points behind where they were at this stage last year, but their improved performances have kept fans relatively happy so far. Arsenal may be contenders now, they may still be in February. On the other hand, maybe this is exactly the right time to visit Stamford Bridge…

Theo Delaney

Co-founder of Watchable and Tottenham Hotspur devotee

The easy explanation of Manchester United’s dramatic-fashioned equaliser against Chelsea on Sunday is to blame it on Ivanovic’s dismissal. It’s part of what makes league competitions so much better in many ways than cups – it’s entertainingly open from week to week, while still ensuring that the winning team at the end of the season is almost always the best one.

Chelsea and City are currently out in front by a large distance and are understandably favourites to take the crown, though contrary to popular belief, this year’s Premier League is not yet just a duel between the two teams in blue.

Be warned, these pack a serious punch with only a couple needed to get you in the mood to rummage through Barts extensive dress-up treasure trove. But come May 2016, when it matters the most, will Arsenal really be in a position to challenge History suggests not.

Aiden Cusick

Writer for 90min.com and the official magazine of Liverpool FC

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Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho is well known for being controversial throughout his career, but his latest outburst has left people baffled and annoyed…

Gordon Bryan

Opinion on sport, news, entertainment, goal achievement and self improvement

Despite Remy’s decisive contribution against Steve Bruce’s side, he is unlikely to usurp Costa as the chief provider of goals at Stamford Bridge anytime soon. There’s a time when ‘rebuilding’ stops working as an excuse though and this – after Pochettino’s second transfer window – is it.

The most telling moment this season at Anfield wasn’t when he was dropped from the squad – registering just 34 minutes of football in 2015 at the time of writing – nor was it the time he was slammed by boss Brendan Rodgers for swapping shirts with Pepe at half-time. The Premier League does not create, it imports. It was, typically, something that happened off the pitch.

Current league holders Manchester City should not be surprised if on January 31 they meet a Chelsea team that plays both freely because it is relieved of some pressure and angrily because it feels that the world is responsible for its defeat at the hands of Bradford in FA Cup.

As much as it’s always claimed that anybody can beat anybody in the Premier League, that’s never true over the course of a full season. Until English sides start producing talent instead of hoovering it up, the poor European results will continue.

Chelsea fans on the Paris MetroNo one who regularly attends top flight football in London needs mobile phone footage of a …

Theo Delaney

Co-founder of Watchable and Tottenham Hotspur devotee

The shameful scenes from Paris of a handful of Chelsea fans bullying, and racially harassing a black man on the Metro will do little to soothe the caustic image of British football in the eyes of the world…

Karl Davis

Writer..Comedian..Train Driver..Voice of Change..?

Spurs haven’t progressed over the last year. Despite the second booking obviously not was being irrelevant, Jos Mourinho didn’t help himself through applying a zonal marking approach on set pieces.

Nicolas Berg

Writer for VAVEL.com, RetroUnited.com and ThePeoplesPerson.com

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