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QPR v Liverpool: Premier League – as it happened | Daniel Harris | Football

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For both, this game is crucial.

Yet, both feel that they receive insufficient credit for their work, and both are keen to credit themselves for their work. While, in the meantime, their prospects of returning for a second shy are anything but assumed.

Now, both are under pressure. Often, things that, on the face of it, appear dissimilar, turn out, on closer inspection, to be rather similar. Though Redknapp’s side only sneaked promotion, their struggles since have still been surprising. Entry into the European Cup was not an end in itself, and now, they face a fight to remain in it beyond its opening stage. Brilliantly though Rodgers coached last season, his astute adjustments were underpinned and overlaid by the league’s best player. And even more than that, it’s hard not to conclude that much of this is his fault; it seems scarcely possible to extract less from his team than he is managing, the current sum of its parts somehow adding up to a minus.

Liverpool, meanwhile, have played well perhaps once in ten attempts. “Food” and “street food”, for example, “market” and “farmers’ market”, “life” and “death”.

Kick-off: 1.30pm

Likewise Harry Redknapp and Brendan Rodgers: old skool versus nu skool, instinct versus insight, triffic versus tactics.. Both have presided over significant improvement in players under their management, both have the ability to communicate and inspire.

Preamble. Now – and just like Redknapp – his performance in the transfer market is under scrutiny

William A. Pierce

William A. Pierce

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William A. Pierce

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