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Scots Ace Is High; Tony Chessa is Scotland’s only professional poker player with a major sponsor. This weekend he’ll raise the stakes as he takes his seat on the prestigious European Poker Tour in Barcelona.

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There is no smoking at the significant events and hardly everyone drinks even though they play, so it is all different from the stereotypes.

“It really is easy to overlook that you are playing with your cash, so you have to be responsible with your play.

“When I first started playing on the online, I lost rather a lot mainly because it took me a even though to get into it, but I’m extra experienced now and win a lot on it as properly.”

“Poker has grow to be like darts in current years. It used to have a certain image but thanks to being on Television, it has truly changed and improved. . And with the money rewards potentially so high, it’s no surprise that so a lot of new players are signing up to begin playing the game on line.

A qualified gambler for 3 years, he has competed at all the major globe tournaments, such as the Las Vegas World Series, and has just been signed up by Littlewoods Poker to develop into their important sponsored ″athlete”.

Tony adds: “My ambitions are to preserve winning. And as the profile of the game reaches new levels thanks to the boom in online poker, Tony is fast becoming one particular of the stars of the sport.

Vegas may well have been a glamorous gambling mecca but poker didn’t function major funds sponsorship or mainstream Tv coverage.

Tony says that, when he utilized to be in a position to name all of his table rivals from numerous events, the past couple of years have noticed an explosion in unknown players qualifying from poker web site games.

“I’ve played on Television a couple of occasions and it’s different with cameras everywhere along the roof and even beneath the table, but you play the same game.

Tony took up the game as a teenager, immediately after he started playing cards with his mates for a laugh. Apart from the dollars, securing a place on the higher-profile European tour will take him to France, Austria, Denmark and Monte Carlo. I want to take one of the European Poker Tour titles, and make as significantly as I can.”

Although he is delighted to see so numerous folks taking up the sport, Tony warns anyone starting out to be careful and watch their revenue.

But Tony is the initially particular person to admit it is the final point he expected to be undertaking for a living when he was developing up.

“It really is such a various game on-line, but it is wonderful fun if you are used to it.

Just after the Barcelona Casino this weekend, Tony is playing in a televised Speed Poker event in London, and then is searching forward to one of the sport’s most glamorous events, the Caribbean Poker Classic in the sun-kissed island of St Kitts.

Three years ago, when he realised he was making excellent revenue from tournaments, he quit his job in the loved ones business to turn professional.

Tony, 32, is in Barcelona this weekend to take aspect in his initial European Poker Tour.

But that is exactly what the Greenock-born card sharp is now enjoying as Scotland’s highest profile skilled poker player.

He dreamed of becoming a footballer when he was at school but entered the family catering firm.

“The seriously best players are all millionaires and the big events like Las Vegas generate at least one millionaire per game. In fact, a decent skilled should be producing about pounds 100,000 a year from tournaments and play, but there are individuals that make a lot additional.”

He says: “The EPT is a seriously significant deal and, even thoughI’ve played all the major venues in Europe, Barcelona will be myfirst time taking portion in the tour so I’m very excited about it,and I consider I have a excellent opportunity.

“I am going to miss at least one particular of the massive games, although, because my girlfriend Stella is due to give birth in February and there are some issues more critical than poker.”

A handful of years ago it wouldn’t have been the finest factor to say you had been a qualified poker player, but it’s turn into substantially a lot more socially acceptable. It was there he started to hone his craft, producing it a full-time obsession.

He says: “No one should really think that I began playing poker and then began raking in the dollars simply because it just doesn’t operate like that.

Tony has now played in virtually all of the greatest games in the world, such as winning a fringe occasion at the Las Vegas Globe Series.

Byline: By Brian McIver

WHEN Tony Chessa was a tiny boy, expert gamblers have been guys in smoky rooms peering out from behind a hand of worn cards.

It receives reside and extended coverage of Tv sports channels like Eurosport and Sky and Tony says: “It’s becoming such a massive thing that we are seeing it develop all the time.

He says: “It is excellent the game has come to be so popular inthe past couple of years mainly because of the on the internet playing.

“The image has really changed.

And this week he begins his very first European Poker Tour, exactly where the best players in Europe move from city to city taking element in the greatest games.

“I’ve spent a lot of time skint because of poker, and lost income when I was starting out.

Now he earns pounds 100,000 a year playing cards – certainly far more than he would have created playing football for his property team, Morton.

He also works as a poker consultant for Littlewoods, and attributes on the ever-increasing Tv coverage of the game, which is rapidly becoming a sport in numerous eyes.

A handful of trips to the huge events like the Las Vegas Planet Series of Poker, and he is now one of the rising stars on the circuit. He is also a frequent at large dollars games in the USA and the Caribbean. Every person is at it and it really is a terrific hobby.”

“The days of dark back rooms are gone. Realising he was great, he started playing in clubs and casinos ten yearsb and casinos ten yearsago. With a massive name sponsor now on board he is capable to enter him into the greatest games around.

“It can be a incredibly lucrative hobby since if you’re incredibly good then it really is not a game of likelihood, it really is skill. But till you become that good then you have to be wary

He is just one particular of the hundreds taking aspect in the glam tournament, playing for a prize pot of $two.5m

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William A. Pierce

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