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Super Bowl Odds

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Vegas is ready. Now move over, because everyone’s already talking about who has the best shot at stealing your title. Oddsmaker Sean Van…

It would seem like the Super Bowl would be most hotly anticipated in places like New Orleans, Green Bay, or even the frigid, self-satisfied sprawl of …

Super Bowl XLV’s matchup is set, and the 2011 odds have been posted. Twelve teams have locked up spots in the 2015 NFL Playoffs. The schedule is made. 6. Bookmakers…

With a bye week in the Wild Card round and no real surprises to-date in the playoffs, the Denver Broncos are our favorites to win the Super Bowl, making the Super Bowl 50.2 percent of the time and bringing home the title 28.2 percent of the time.

The AFC and NFC Championship games are on Sunday and it’s time to vote on which team you think will hoist the Lombardi Trophy On Feb. Who do you think will go all the way and win Super Bowl XLVII in New Orl…

Super Bowl Odds Revealed

Despite a slightly weaker conference championship winning percentage than New England , San Francisco edges the Patriots in the most likely Super Bowl.

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Updated Super Bowl XLVI Odds

Super Bowl Odds

The matchup for Super Bowl XLVII is set and the oddsmakers have declared that Jim is the favored Harbaugh. Sp…

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Shaneika Dabney

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Roger Johnson

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Super Bowl XLV odds have been posted, and the early favorite to go all the way in 2011 is the Indianapolis Colts at 13:2 odds. Not long after the John Harbaugh’s Balt…

Super Bowl Opening Point Spread

The NFL playoffs begin this weekend with the Wild Card games and it’s time to vote on which team you think will go all the way. Next up are the San Die…

Early Bettors Have Super Bowl Favorite

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At long last, the National Football League is returning. The Green Bay Packers, who defeated the Chicago Bears in the NFC Championship Ga…

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After a thrilling Wild Card weekend, capped by Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos unbelievable overtime victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers, the favori…

Updated Super Bowl Odds

NFL Odds: Which Team Will Win The Super Bowl?

Super Bowl Odds

Super Bowl XLVI Odds: Which Team Will Win It All?

LAS VEGAS (AP) — If the Baltimore Ravens are to become Super Bowl champions, they’ll have to beat the odds again to do it.

The playoffs are set. Will the New Orleans S…

The Super Bowl march is on. San Francisco 49ers, Super Bowl Odds, Tom Brady, Nfl, Super Bowl, Sports News

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Counting on Math for Super Bowl Prediction

Super Bowl Odds: Which Team Will Win It All?

NFL Season Kicks Off TONIGHT: Full Super Bowl Odds

NFL Playoff Odds: Which Team Will Go All The Way?

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Oddsmakers had trouble picking the favorite in what figures to be one of the most evenly matched — and heavily bet — Super Bowl…

The Packers Won This One…But Who’s Next?

Paul Bessire

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Paul Bessire

Super Bowl XLV Odds: Colts Favored

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Super Bowl XLIV Odds: Colts Favored By Four Over Saints

LAS VEGAS — Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts opened as a four-point favorite to beat New Orleans in the Super Bowl. Having resolved a labor dispute without a single missed touchdown pass or fine, the entire sp…. The season begins in New Orleans, where the Saints will host the Minnesota Vikings in an NFC Championship Game rematch…

Which team is going to win the Super Bowl this year? While fans (short for fanatics, right?) may have strong subjective feelings about the outcome, it is possible to come up with an objective prediction based in mathematics.

1 Of These 12 NFL Teams Is Going To Win The Super Bowl

Super Bowl Odds

Congrats on your Super Bowl win, Packers. Four teams have earned first-round byes, but all of them ha…

NFL kickoff is only hours away. The odds are out

William A. Pierce

William A. Pierce

In addition to wagers on the whole game, all second half (2H) wagers include results from overtime. For 4th quarter wagering the best practice is to read the Las Vegas and online sportsbook rules for clarity on this type of wager.

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William A. Pierce

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